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Resources - Lightning Videos

With the onset of so many video resources becoming available online, we would like to provide a sampling of video taped lightning strikes or phenomena that were caught on tape. If you have a video of a lightning strike, please contact us.

  1. hit's a house
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  2. how to take pictures of lightning
    > pic's

  3. girl gets struck
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  4. Lightning from space Astronaut Reid Wiseman posts images of lightning storm from space
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  5. Orangevale man captures near-miss lightning strike on video SACRAMENTO - A man shooting video of a sudden hailstorm at a mountain lake ended up capturing a lightning strike just a few steps from where he was standing. Bruce Hyland, 63, an Aerojet engineer, was camping with friends at Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone National Park June 10 when he pulled out a point-and-shoot camera to record the late-season hailstorm while the rest of the group huddled under a tarp. "All of a sudden we hear this enormous crash," Hyland explained. "We didn't see a flash of lighting, we didn't know how near it was." Hyland said no one realized the lightning had struck two trees next to their campsite until they reviewed the video he had just shot. "You can clearly see one frame is completely saturated with light from the strike, and yet we didn't see that at all." In the following frame, 1/30th of a second later, the flash is gone but an orange glow can be seen in the trees and reflected in water splashed up from the lake by hailstones. At the same time, the ground appears to erupt as the enormous energy from the lightning strike finds a path through the tree roots. Ten frames later, one-third of a second, Hyland reacts to the thunderclap by jerking the camera. Hyland said he and his friends later reflected on how close they came to disaster, with medical help several hours away. "If we had been standing or camping on any one of those paths, I suspect the outcome would have been way different than it was," he said.
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  6. close encounter with lightning
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  7. Ball lightning
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  8. Man Struck By Lightning Lives to Share Experience
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  9. Lightning strikes American Fork home, girl captures it on video Lightning strikes American Fork home, girl captures it on video
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  10. Watch sprite lightning flash at 10,000 frames per second
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  11. Family struck by lightning while driving, films incident look at this one
    > charge also charges phones

  12. Dramatic footage of lightning strike hitting woman and daughter Dramatic footage of lightning strike hitting woman and daughter
    > Dramatic footage of lightning strike hitting woman and daughter

  13. Lightning Looks Beautifully Terrifying At 11,000 Frames Per Second
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  14. Guy was struck four times by Lightning and Survived struck 4 times, buried alive to cure him
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  15. Huge lightning blast misses man by seconds
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  16. 8 people struck evacuating 26' sailboat
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  17. Cody struck in kitchen
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  18. Slow motion of lightning strike in Omak
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  19. GC2011
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  20. Golf Channel 2011
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  21. space lightning
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  22. Slow motion lightning Great video showing upward leaders !!!!!!!
    > Upward leaders...GREAT !!!!!!

  23. Lightning injures 2 in different houses
    > strikes 2 people in different homes

  24. Lightning injures 2 in different houses
    > strikes 2 people in different homes

  25. Lightning show over Lake Erie
    > Lightning over Lake Erie

  26. Lightning strikes football in Bogota
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  27. Plane struck by lighting
    > plane struck by lightning

  28. Thundersnow Thunder and lightning in a snow storm.
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  29. Lightning striking 50 yards away
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  30. Lightning strike 3 tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time
    > 3 buildings at once

  31. Cassini Captures First Video of Extraterrestrial Lightning
    > Lightning on Saturn

  32. Man Narrowly Escapes Lightning Strike Playing outside during a storm is always a bad idea
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  33. Plane Being Struck by a Lightning Flash The images below show an aircraft being affected by a lightning flash. To the authors knowledge, nobody on the plane was injured. It is unknown if the aircraft experienced any damage. According to the scientist who acquired this imagery, the airplane itself triggered the lightning discharge.
    > Still & Video

  34. "Upside down" lightning Lightning that shoots upward from clouds can be as powerful as the strongest bolts that strike the ground, according to researchers who caught the strange phenomenon on film
    > Video of Jets

  35. Lightning Strikes Cocoa Church Steeple Twice A church steeple is struck twice and the second strike is caught on film as the fire fighters are on scene.
    > Church Steeple struck twice

  36. Lightning Strikes Cocoa Church Steeple Twice
    > Church Steeple struck twice

  37. Church steeple burns and topples after being hit by lightning.
    > Lightning Strike Causes Church Steeple to Burn

  38. Lightning just misses children: Incredible Home video catches a bolt of lightning just steps in front of two children walking down a Texas street during a thunderstorm.
    > Lightning Strikes Near Kids

  39. Lightning strikes car: This is a video of lightning striking our car antenna as we were headed home in the Houston area during a fantastic lightning storm in August 2005. I had my camera handy from a dinner with an out of state relative. Lightning hit us as we were exiting US 290 in our town of Waller and our car rolled to a stop. It killed the electrical system, but otherwise there were no burn marks. The only signs were a melted antenna and a flat tire. We were scared but glad to survive it!
    Bernadette Marsh
    Columbus, Texas

    > Car Strike Video

  40. Lightning strikes minivan on the highway: Passenger in following vehicle had camera.
    > Van Strike Video

  41. Lightning repeatedly strikes the Sears Tower in Chicago: From
    > Sears tower Strike Video

  42. Lightning Strike Victim's Mom Talks about Ordeal from KTVB Channel 7
    > First-hand account

  43. Lightning Surviver talks with Larry King from KTVB Channel 7
    > Update on strike victim Lara Eustermann

  44. Lightning hits a church steeple from AP video
    > An April lightning strike in Milwaukee set a church steeple on fire. The steeple was destroyed, but there was only water damage to the 150-year-old building.

  45. Lightning hits man twice from ABC 20/20
    > Man struck by lighting twice in his life.

  46. Lightning kills 1 and injures 4 near Connecticut beach
    > A hot day at the beach turns dangerous.

  47. Lightning arcs off videographer's hand
    > Don't hold onto a metal door frame in the middle of a lightning storm!

  48. Lightning passes through girl's nose ring
    > Walking barefoot in a storm can be dangerous.

  49. Lightning strikes close to home
    > Lightning can strike very close to home.