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Statistics : 18 Killed, 44 injured

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Resources - Educational Tools

Take Leon the Lion's Safe or Not Safe? Safety Lightning Quiz. A humourous and educational look at lightning safety.
Are you safe or not safe? MS PowerPoint™ Presentation.

Take a look at our Lightning Safety Game. It is a new downloadable game that is a great teaching tool & fun for all ages.
MS PowerPoint™ Presentation.

View our overview slide show. It is a simple educational tool that has safety information and services provided by This is a MS PowerPoint™ Presentation.

Designed specifically for children, our Safety Magnets have been a huge hit with all age groups. Click here to see our magnets.
If you have an interest in corporate sponsorship please contact Michael. is happy to announce a partnership with NOAA, the LPI and the LSA in creating and promoting 'Leon the Lightning Lion', a safety mascot for the Lightning Protection Industry. Leon will be used to promote lightning safety in our ongoing program to educate children. Download a "Leon" coloring poster that children may color with crayons.