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We are able to take someone who as a Vice-President, #10 in what is now UBS/PaineWebber, took a direct lightning strike on a golf course. His heart stopped a couple of times, he spent 38 days in ICU and the prognosis was 'brain dead quadriplegic'. Over 2 months in Health/South rehab relearning how to do almost everything has enriched him with experiences that combined with the top professionals in the field give you one of the most inspirational and dynamic shows available..

Michael's story is full of moments of intense struggle to overcome the obstacles that lightning had put in his way, his determination to relearn the most basic skills in life. Too swallow again, to taste water that others take for granted, laying there watching others drink and not be able to, with ice chips or a damp sponge rubbed on the lips as a substitute just doesn't cut it.

Relearning how to walk one step at a time with metal braces & parallel bars, sometimes in the middle of the night, often only a couple steps a day. How about getting off bicycle training wheels the same time your young daughter does, what an accomplishment to share, how many fathers can?

..Opening my eyes, looking around, all I could see was the inside of a vehicle, the roof of a van maybe. Struggling to move my head I saw cables, monitor screens, tubes, cylinders and to my dismay, lots of needles. Where was I, what was going on, then it hit me; I was in an ambulance. I tried to move my arms and realized I was tied down, not that it would have made any difference since at that time I couldn't move any parts of my body anyway. Movement down towards my feet caught my eyes and my vision was drawn to a large shadow in the back of the ambulance; looking that way I saw this big guy in a blue uniform with a stethoscope draped around his neck sitting there. I mouthed the words as much as asked, "where am I"? Turning away from the monitors looking towards me, he said, "you're on your way to rehab." "Rehab" I said, "what happened?" "You were struck by lightning", he said, "a month ago". As the ambulance made it's way to the Health South Rehab facility in Braintree I looked around and realized my life, and the lives of my family had been changed forever. That scene took place on June 15, 2000, 38 days after I had been struck by lightning on a Cape Cod golf course, it was also my daughter's 2nd birthday.

Michael's ability to take these events and transform them into something that captures, inspires and motivates others is what makes him such a powerful speaker and storyteller.

He is able to take his experiences and convert them into something that challenges your organization to excel by setting goals, focusing on basic fundamental tools to achieve those goals and then to deal with the success and advance.

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