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When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!

Arrticles & Media

My Personal Bolt of Lightning by Michael Utley, New York Times, Op-Ed, Article 2001
Struck By, Yarmouth, MA

When the Goose got Cooked by Tara Gravel
Article concerning Pro Golfer Retief Goosen's Lightning Strike: Golf Magazine, June 2005

YMCA Cape Cod Lightning Presentation by Michael Utley
Feature containing images of Michael addressing children at YMCA Cape Cod - August 2005

Dallas - Story - 74th Annual LPI/ULPA Conference - March 16, 2006 Concerning Michael Utley and his participation as a featured speaker at the 74th Annual LPI/ULPA Conference in Irving, TX.

Local Knowledge As heard through the golf grapevine - GolfWorld June 2007 by John Strege
Artical describing Mike's lightning strike event and Mike's involvement in lightning safety and the PGA