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Statistics : 18 Killed, 44 injured

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When we started in the early 2000’s lightning safety was in it’s infancy. The 30-30 Rule and the lightning crouch were introduced. A lightning alert program for the Boy & Girl Scout’s and YMCA’s was developed ,and over 100,000 ‘When thunder roars, Go Indoors !” magnets were printed and distributed across the US to schools and youth groups. Many talks were given to youth groups throughout the states and lightning fatalities went down dramatically. Today, many of the old myth have been proven wrong, rubber tires save you, metal attracts lightning, and lighting strikes the tallest object are among the more widely believed that have gone by the wayside. Things keep evolving.

Now we are looking at a way to predict lighting using algorithm’s with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Flash Scientific has developed just such an algorithm and we are in the process of testing to make sure it works. There is a link below to the company and what they do. I suggest you click on it and take a look. Not only do they predict the 1st strike which is quite handy but the predict the LAST strike. This enables an all clear signal to be issued well before the usual 30 minute waiting period, allowing many different industries to get back to work. A savings of many dollars for Airports, Shipping ports and others, where down time is costly.

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